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2004 litter
G litter is 3 females and 4 males. 1/04

Upcoming "F" litter. 5 male pups

Oct. 31, 2002
"E" litter: All went to great homes

finished and started dogs available


BERGSTEIGER (Burg sti gur) - Means "man who lives in the mountain" in German. The perfect name for our kennel located in the scenic mountainous state of West Virginia - so well-known for its picturesque beauty that it's often called "almost heaven."

Welcome to Bergsteiger Kennels, home of pure German hunting dogs of unequaled versatility.

Bergsteiger Kennels began with the purchase of German breeding stock of exceptional quality. Our stock represents lines that have been closely line bred to enhance the most desirable characteristics of the breed Bergsteiger has continued this philosophy and recognizes it as the ideal way to establish with consistency - characteristics Bergsteiger strives to further develop in the dogs.

Each breeding at Bergsteiger is "performance breeding" only. This ensures that each dog has passed a series of rigorous "breed and utility" tests. He will be accomplished in pointing game for the foot hunter, excellent in his intensity for waterfowl, and uncanny in its blood tracking of wounded game. Most importantly, his unconditional obedience to the handler.

The coat and conformation test (zuchtschau) is weighed with equal importance. This test ensures that the faults are rarely passed on and that he has exceptional conformation and coat quality. Only after these tests can a dog be stamped "breedable." Dogs that fail these tests are not fit for breeding and are eliminated from the breeding program.

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